LightWater - 10ml Wellness Roller - Strength

LightWater - 10ml Wellness Roller - Strength

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The Strength essential oil blend encourages connection to body, Earth, and the physical world. A comforting blend that is grounding, strengthening, and warming. 



10ml bottle with leakproof roller


Clove Bud*, Lemon, Black Pepper*, Eucalyptus*, Rosemary* in Fractionated Coconut Oil
*certified organic ingredients

· Apply to the lower abdomen, lower back, and pulse points
· Feel comforted and grounded
· Apply to the bottom of feet before bed to provide support for the root chakra and encourage a feeling of safety and restful sleep

Aromatic Description
spicy, herbaceous, and camphoraceous with citrus and woody notes.

Chakra Association
Root Chakra - Muladhara

Chakra Affirmation
It is safe for me to be here

Keep away from children and pets. Consult your doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid eyes, ears, and sensitive areas. Do not apply directly to broken skin. Stop use if irritation occurs. Do not ingest.
Contains oils considered to be phototoxic or potentially phototoxic. Avoid sunlight & UV rays 12 hours after application.
Wellness Rollers are a 5% dilution.