LightWater - Sea Soak - Ebb+Flow

LightWater - Sea Soak - Ebb+Flow

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Honouring the Ebb+Flow of the Sacred Feminine spirit and cycle with simple ingredients to balance energy, ground, and connect.

Fine and ultra-fine dead sea salts and epsom salt are a luxurious addition to your bathing ritual. Seaweed Powder is a rich source of nutrients and leaves skin feeling soft.

6-12 uses per pouch.


Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts), Seaweed Powder (Ascophyllum nodosum)*, Copaiba, Bergamot*, Clary Sage, Palmarosa*, Magnolia, Geranium*, Lavender*
*certified organic ingredient

· Add 2-4 tbsp (or more) to bath, rest & relax
· Add an extra drop of Ebb+Flow Essential Oil Blend when you feel you need more aroma

Aromatic Description
Fresh air and saltwater. Floral with woody undertones, black tea.

Do not use if allergic to iodine, which naturally occurs in seaweed. 
Consult a physician if you are taking thyroid medications or have a heart condition and are not advised to used magnesium salts prior to use.